Her eyes opened for the first time in what felt like centuries. It was centuries. They had all been sold on this 200 year promise of a new home. She manages to hoist herself out of the pod with great effort. The next few steps were labored and heavy but she finally gets to the observation deck. She looks around to see this familiar place saturated with a purple glow. She looks out of the large reinforced bay window, and there it was. Outside of the window in the void of space was sitting a strange new planet of purple surrounded by large swirling clouds of intense red gas. She was the first to call it by it’s new name. Home.


It’s been nearly a day now. Or what she used to count as a day. Out here things are different, the rules of her old home no longer apply. She gets lost in the thoughts of drafting a new set of rules; a new status-quo. Quickly she shakes those thoughts from her head and gets back to her task. She walks past the main arc room looking in to see rows upon rows of pods. Full of people who believed in the same promise she did.

Then she arrives at the crew’s quarters. It looks much different than the other room: six pods, including her’s, sitting side by side on the floor. She goes to each and begins the process. The pods begin to make a whirring noise as they release a slow fog from and exhaust valve. After some time the pod doors open and her heart jumps. The long cold slumber is over and now she is reunited with her crew. She smiles.


It hasn’t been long, but they are ready. She has faith. Not faith in a higher power or a cosmic guidance, but faith in her crew, in herself, in humanity. She remembers a time when that wasn’t the case. When every step was filled with doubt, every second was put on someone or something else to succeed. With this new chapter in her life, no, humanity’s life she feels that she can start anew.

She helps carry the heavy box of gear needed to survey the potential settlement zones. It is heavy and awkward to carry. The three of them stumble a few times but manage to recover. She thinks of how her crew has always covered each other’s weaknesses. To them weakness isn’t something to fear, it’s an opportunity. A chance to be thankful of someone else’s strength. After a few hours everything is loaded in and the crew is suited up. She sits down in the pilot seat, heart pounding and hands shaking, she begins the countdown. The crew joins in and as the numbers get lower the crew gets louder. At the tops of their lungs they yell “One” and she flips the switch. It’s done. They launch out of the hanger bay and towards this new adventure.


The entry into the atmosphere was smooth. She was surprised by this and took it as a sign of good fortune. She was never really the fortunate type: always getting into trouble just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eventually her misfortune started to lessen and she began to gain momentum in her life. In her mind this planet was the culmination of it all. This new home was proof that fortune was on her side, or better yet, that it never existed in the first place.

Her thoughts stop when she hears the hydraulics of the shuttle’s main hatch began to spurt and sputter. The hatch slowly lowers and her eyes well up with tears. It was beautiful. Truly a place that she could call home. She is the first one to set foot on this planet, a new Eve of some sort. She wipes her eyes, looks back and smiles to her crew as they also wipe their eyes. After a long moment of silent smiles her second in command says, “welcome home.”