Hi, I'm Chris!


Identity Design

Your ideas and passions are more than just a logo. A strong brand identity tells a story that draws people in.


From album art to infographic, illustrations give your message a greater impact.


An app should be beautiful to look at and simple to use. The goal should be to make meaningful connections with the user.


I focus on using iterative design and empathetic communication in my approach to every project. Effective communication makes each iteration better than the last. I cast a wide net and together we can hone in on core concepts and ideas. Once we know where we’re going all that’s left is to put on my headphones, brew some tea, and get to work.


I once owned an “inspirational” poster with an elephant balancing on a beach ball. Underneath the image was the phrase “The key to life is balance.” Design is a space where I can find that balance.

A balance between beauty and function, speed and quality, practicality and extravagance. Good design is easily understood but always has more to offer if you give it your time. It strikes a perfect balance which, as that elephant on the beach ball can tell you, is the key to life.